I was impressing various students at my school by showing them various twisty puzzles when one of them recalled a puzzle they owned. I thought I might have seen it somewhere, but I may have been thinking about something else.

He said it had some sort of gear mechanism, and was a two-by-two cube. But one of the key features of this cube was this: you could pull it apart on one of the axes, and turn the parts separately.

I showed him the Skewb shift, the only puzzle I was aware pulled apart, but he said that wasn't it. Exactly one axis pulled apart, and also, it was two by two.

Anyone know what cube this could be?


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It is called Gear Shift:
enter image description here

It was invented by Oskar van Deventer, and produced by Meffert.

The Skewb Shift was a later design inspired by this one.

Note however that the Gear shift can pull apart along all 3 axes (but only one at a time).

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