I recently found an extraordinary moremover online today. Have fun finding the solution!

It’s White to move and mate in 19 moves!

Bonus: Explain the title in relation to the solution!

Jozef Lozek, Pat a Mat 27, December 1999

enter image description here


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it looks like

1. Bb7+ Kxb7
2. Bxc6+ Kc8
3. Bb7+ Kxb7
4. Bxd5+ Kc8
5. Bb7+ Kxb7
6. Bxe4+ Kc8
7. Bb7+ Kxb7
8. Bxf3+ Kc8
9. Bb7+ Kxb7
10. Bxg2+ Kc8
11. Bb7+ Kxb7
12. Qh1+ Kc8
13. Qa8+ Nb8
14. Qxb8+ Kd7
15. Qb5+ Kc8
16. Qa6+ Kd7
17. Qc6+ Kc8
18. Bxd6+ Qc7
19. Qxc7#

The title

refers to all of the self sacrificing Bishops, I think.


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