What is the largest rectangular NxM grid (by area) that can be painted with 3 colours, such that no three cells of the same colour form a right-angled triangle. N and M must be 4 or greater. We only consider right-angled triangles whose legs are parallel to the grid's edges. For example the following is not allowed:


while the following is allowed


Here is a similar question: Painting a 10x10 grid with 3 colours

Good luck!

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Previous answer, valid before alteration to question.

The maximum area is

trivially infinite

if one

simply creates a rectangle three units high and any number of units across (giving it an arbitrarily large area) and fills the first row with red, the second with blue, and the third with yellow.

Note that

any three-in-a-row of the same colour does not count as a triangle (refer to the valid solution of the linked question, which contains many such occurrences).

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