Ethan Hunt is alerted by the IMF. They want him to intercept a courier that is working for the super villains Matt Fillimore and Caro Bassanara. Ethan Hunt receives the following cipher from the IMF:

  8901  6892  31  389987688  782  154  6119

What is the code-name of the courier?
Where should Ethan intercept the courier?


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Good, it is nice to see some new twist on an old puzzle. As a first hint: the underlying code has also been used in the puzzle "What comes next in this sequence?" posted by Gilles in November 2014. It also shows up in some books of Martin Gardner published in the 1960s.

Now the answer to the Mission Impossible puzzle is:

The code-name of the courier is Enzo.
Ethan Hunt should intercept the courier in Tennessee.

Motivation of answer:

0=Z(ero), 1=O(ne), 2=T(wo), 3=T(hree), 4=F(our), 5=F(ive), 6=S(ix), etc.

Under this substitution code, the message to Ethan becomes

 8901  6892  31  389987688  782  154  6119    

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