(inspired by Michael Kandel's poem about Samson, appearing in the English translation of The Cyberiad by Stanisław Lem)

Struck sister, shattered, since settled.

Simply seen, spreading sunshine,

separated, seldom sojourned,

secluded side shady (supposedly).

It has many names --- one, like these clues, begins with an S. What is it?


I believe it's

Selene, the Moon.

Struck sister, shattered, since settled.

Believed to have formed after a large object hit the Earth, throwing a large amount of material into space, which then collected into the satellite we know and love today.

Simply seen, spreading sunshine,

The Moon can be seen with the naked eye - it's pretty obvious! - but its light is all reflected sunlight.

separated, seldom sojourned,

It's a long way away and people rarely (but not never!) walk on it.

secluded side shady (supposedly).

The proverbial Dark Side of the Moon (which isn't actually dark - it's brightly lit at new moon - but we never get to see it, hence 'supposedly'). That's the clue that gave me this!

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The answer is related with:

the word Sun, so my guess is that it may be Sunny or Samson(as in the question)

Reasons are:

Struck sister, shattered,since settled -
This describes nuclear fusion, i.e.,the way in which the Sun was formed

Simply seen, spreading sunshine -
This indicates the shining sun in the morning

Seperated,seldom sojourned -
It indicates that it is temporarily in a far place, i.e., it is not visible in the night

Secluded side shady(supposedly) -
It means that the place remains shady(dark) where the sun has not visited


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