If a phrase adheres to a certain rule, I call it a Aged Rope Phrase™.

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Text-only version in CSV form:

"Enamel Tar","A Chaplain Labouring"
"Enable Lane","A Paleface Meets Minor"
"Beer Nice","Therefore Flows Typo"
"He Houses Four","Five Fog Lot"
"Adequate Ford Mesh","Fifteen Smog Tint"
"A Lethal Letter","Preacher Tests Why"
"A Nutmeat Atoll","A Buttercup Chlorine"
"Arterial Bum Pure","Offer Loft Wigs"
"Hare Vent","A Affectionately Griever Mops"
"Deplaned Thump Unit","Fishermen John Tool Top"

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I think that an Aged Rope Phrase is

An anagram of a work by Edgar Allan Poe ("Aged Rope" is an anagram of "Edgar Poe")


Enamel Tar = Tamerlane
Enable Lane = Annabel Lee
Nice Beer = Berenice
He Houses Four = House of Usher
Adequate Ford Mesh = (The) Masque of (the) Red Death
A Lethal Letter = Tell-Tale Heart
A Nutmeat Atoll = Mellonta Tauta
Arterial Bum Pure = (The) Premature Burial
Hare Vent = The Raven
Deplaned Thump Unit = (The) Pit and the Pendulum

It seems as though the Not Aged Rope Phrases are

Anagrams of Works by Rufus Wilmot Griswold, a contemporary rival of Poe


A Chaplain Labouring = Biographical Annual
A Paleface Meets Minor = American Female Poets
Therefore Flows Typo = Poetry of the Flowers
Five Fog Lot = Gift of Love
Fifteen Smog Tint = Gift of Sentiment
Preacher Test Why = The Cypress Wreath
A Buttercup Chlorine = The Republican Court
Offer Loft Wigs = Gift of Flowers
A Affectionately Griever Mops = Gift Leaves of American Poetry
Fishermen John Tool Top = The Prose of John Milton

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