The angry astrologist has locked you up in a series of a room. With your superior thinking abilities, you escape them one by one, until you reach the final room.

There’s a locked door with an electronic keypad with the numbers 0 to 9, and it only takes 4 digits. In the middle of the room, there’s a table with information about the zodiacs.

AQUARIUS – January-February
PISCES – February-March
ARIES – March-April
TAURUS – April-May
GEMINI – May-June
CANCER – June-July
LEO – July-August
VIRGO – August-September
LIBRA – September-October
SCORPIO – October-November
SAGITTARIUS – November-December
CAPRICORN – December-January

You look around for more clues and stumble across something rather interesting. Above the door are three drawings from left to right: a set of scales, two fishes swimming in a circle, and a goat.

enter image description here

Suddenly, the angry astrologist announces, “You have five minutes to escape. But if you enter the wrong code, you’ll be in for a huge surprise!

Since my favorite holiday is coming soon, I’m feeling generous, so here’s a hint...just kidding! No hints! Hahahahaha!”

The angry astrologist always talks in riddles, so you’re quite sure there was a hint in what she said.

Time is running out!

Can you figure out the 4-digit code?

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The Images are represented Zodiac signs



LIBRA – September-October PISCES – February-March CAPRICORN –December-January

The mention about the favourite holiday coming soon is about the

Christmas It is in December - 12th Month. (first month in CAPRICORN period) So first month in PISCES period - February - 2nd month of the year. first month in LIBRA period - September - 9th month of the year. So the 4-digit code will be 12 2 9 => 1229

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  • $\begingroup$ @Krishna 9212 ? $\endgroup$ – Sangeetha Dec 3 '19 at 11:01

9231. Similar interpretation of Libra, Pisces and Capricorn but staying with the orignal order, using the months digits but skipping the two digit months. 9-10-2-3-12-1 becomes 9-2-3-1



Taking the hint in a different connection,

"Just Kidding" could refer to only using Capricorn's dates, as a baby goat is known as a kid.


I enter:



'You have five' - first digit is $5$.

Each symbol points to a subtraction of the number of letters, so:

LIBRA – September-October : $9-7=2$
PISCES – February-March : $8-5=3$
CAPRICORN – December-January : $8-7=1$

Hence $5231$


Not a complete answer, but based on clues

the information of X-MAS and the listed zodiac signs are shifted by two positions can act as clues in arriving at the 4 digit code

Such as,

X-MAS is on 12/25 or 25/12 and number of letters of shown 3 zodiac signs are: 5, 6, 11 (and, here a wild guess plays a role) - sum of these numbers is 22 and it is the number of days in which Christmas is due(today being 3rd Dec. )

thereby giving the code as

5 6 1 1


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