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1. Where people are shown in delight (8)
5. Stray people of Indo-Aryan heritage putting one foot in front of the other (4)
8. Loop back of static web address (4)
9. Wings of sparrow grant license to being a bird (7)
10. Falsely lead to agreement (4)
11. Elderly gang leader is caught by retired prosecutor in possession of ecstasy (4)
13. French law regarding wine country (5)
14. Like Chicago with extreme preference for one woman (5)
15. Los Angeles sportsman (a Charger) maybe facing final in Denver (6)
18. Rejections of broken nose (4)
21. Posted in absentia (4)
24. Silver shown in home as sign of respect (6)
28. Gamblers' last voyage to Vegas hot spot (5)
29. Triad is controlling secret dance club (5)
30. In Rome, before going around a mountain (4)
31. It has dried up in parallel (4)
33. Photos taken with these before al Ghul entered (7)
34. Between friends, Dr. Jones is said to be independent (4)
35. Plenty of car parks (4)
36. In addition, head of doctors is inside showing places for hospital visitors (8)

1. Letter made with communication impediment sent back in a long time (7)
2. A break? Treat without the first sign of respect, in my experience (3, 4)
3. United Nations' second leading lawyer spread falsehoods (6)
4. Chicken coming from Colorado hospital room (6)
5. Redness associated with the rise of red, primarily self-steering, devices (7)
6. Mineral resource is valuable in Sweden (3)
7. 1001 Nights hero and British lady in a strange land (7)
12. Some strange, weary grass consumer (3)
16. In my humble opinion, revolutionary leader left resistance unit (3)
17. A kind of order to throw up as a joke (3)
19. Couple of taboos about time in Iran north-faced province (7)
20. Special lids she protects (7)
22. Promised to endure being confused about ultimate questions (7)
23. Protagonists not in favour of losing wrestling competition finals to a religion's followers (7)
25. Choose to stir pot (3)
26. American with a piercing head ache (6)
27. Bruised feet with same upcoming symptoms (6)
32. Colony inhabitant is not able to take off top (3)


The completed grid:

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Clue explanations:

This uses the usual notation: * is anagram, < is reversal, (ddef) is double definition, () is insertion, _XYZ_ is hidden word, X_/_X is first/last letter.

Additionally, there are a few less standard types of wordplay: a triple definition (in 17-Down, marked by (3def)), a letter swap (in 5-Across, "ROMA" swaps the two final letters to become "ROAM"), and a letter change (in 14-Across).
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enter image description here


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