Marty wants to play a word game with friends. He writes down a few words and tells them how much they are worth points.

MATH - 1 point
TREE - 1 point
HAND - 2 points
BOMB - 5 points
WING - 0 points
FINS - 0 points

He gives them this clue, "Count the fields, get the points."

How many points is WORD GAME worth?


I believe WORD GAME should be worth

4 points

Marty's hint indicates that

the score of a word/phrase comes from the number of enclosed spaces in the letters. For instance, B has two enclosed spaces, O has one, and E has none.

Using this scoring procedure, we can confirm that the scores of the words he provides are correct:

(Bold letters indicate one enclosed space; bold and italics indicates two.)

MATH = 1 enclosed space = 1 point
TREE = 1 enclosed space = 1 point
HAND = 2 enclosed spaces = 2 points
B$\!$O$\!$M$\!$B = 5 enclosed spaces = 5 points
WING and FINS = 0 enclosed spaces = 0 points

And the scoring for WORD GAME looks like

WORD GAME = 4 enclosed spaces = 4 points

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WORD GAME is worth

4 points


The score of a word/ phrase is the number of closed shapes in a word. (Hinted by "Count the fields")


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