I am trying to answer this number sequence puzzle - which of the five potential answers is correct, and why?

Number sequence


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    $\begingroup$ Hi black and welcome to Puzzling :) I'm glad that you've adopted this neat template for your questions, but I notice that you've posted a couple of very similar-feeling questions in a short space of time, which suggests that you're looking for explanations to a quiz of some kind that you're doing at the moment. This is fine in itself, but can I recommend that for this type of puzzle you look at the digits and see if you can spot a way to derive the numbers on the right with basic mathematical operations like addition, multiplication etc.? You'll probably start spotting the answers yourself :) $\endgroup$ – Stiv Nov 7 '19 at 13:17

The answer to this is:

B - 5412


If the first number is written as 'abcd', you derive the second by positioning the answers to [c x d] and [a x b] beside each other. Thus, 3496 gives [9x6][3x4], which is 5412 (answer B).

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