This puzzle is the final part of the Double feature series (first part here).
Note: This answers gives away the answers to previous puzzles.

enter image description here

The answers to the twelve Double feature puzzles are listed below. (Spoilers ahead – you've been warned twice now.) Use the answers and the given grid to answer the question: Where are we?

scariest monsters
mole species
unaccompanied solo
sauna's temperature
animal mitochondria
hasten foreclosure
more significant
mail shipment
arouse criticism
meal replacements
processing units
successive pairs


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In each answer:

One of the two words anagrams to a national capital.

As hinted by the given image:

The capitals should be sorted from west to east. Then, every answer has a word left over, which should also be considered.

So, when this is done:

sauna's temperature - NASSAU, the bahamas / Temperature 77.4°W mail shipment - LIMA, peru / sHipment 77.0°W arouse criticism - ROSEAU, dominica / crIticism 61.4°W scariest monsters - CASTRIES, st lucia / monSters 60.9°W mole species - LOMÉ, togo / specIes 1.2°E successive pairs - PARIS, france / succeSsive 2.3°E processing units - TUNIS, tunisia / procesSing 10.2°E unaccompanied solo - OSLO, norway / unaccomPanied 10.7°E more significant - ROME, italy / significAnt 12.5°E hasten foreclosure - ATHENS, greece / foreclosuRe 23.7°E meal replacements - MALÉ, maldives / replacemenTs 73.5°E animal mitochondria - MANILA, philippines / mitochondriA 121.0°E

Reading down the diagonal of the remaining words (first letter of the first, second letter of the second, etc.) spells THIS IS SPARTA.

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    – Jafe
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    $\begingroup$ Of course, if it doesn't make sense why this was the answer, I'll admit that the entire thing was purely self-celebratory :) $\endgroup$
    – Jafe
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