One word to sure make you think


This word will certainly be considered too


I ate pizza as a part of my breakfast this morning, if that's important


Pay careful attention


Here's the last word for you


What is the word I am thinking of?


It is a five letter word

Additional Hint:

It is part of a name, a pretty familiar name


The word is


and it is obtained by:

Looking for homophones of numbers (or just numbers) in each line, and looking at that index in each word (or the index - 1, if you're a programmer :-) )


One word... [Nothing]
...be considered too (two) [Pentagon]
I ate (eight) pizza... [Clockwork]
Pay careful attention [Bumfuzzled]
...word for (four) you [Praying]

This fits the hints because:

It is a five-letter word contained within the OP's name, which makes it rather familiar to them...and, hopefully, more familiar to the community as time goes on (welcome to the puzzling forum!)

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    $\begingroup$ Excellent, I was worried someone wouldn't get it! $\endgroup$ – ThatOneNerdyBoy Oct 15 '19 at 19:31

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