Who/what am I?

I am a

stunning fresh shiny bandit


"I have" a Caribbean origin. I silently hunt down my prey in the dark. It is hard to catch me


I am tall or long


I am in danger everyday


It is not a rare thing that my taste changes from salty to sweet


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    $\begingroup$ You've posted a lot of puzzles recently that nobody's been able to solve - could you give a hint on some of your earlier ones before sharing new ones? (You use a lot of similar phrases in each of them, so a solution to one of them may help us figure out what you're looking for on your newer ones.) $\endgroup$ – Deusovi Oct 13 at 18:17

Is the outlaw

Long John Silver ?

stunning - his one-legged parrot-carrying likeness is a sight to behold
fresh - could be a reference to the seafood chain Long John Silver's
shiny - reference to the metallic part of his name
bandit - he was a pirate in the novel Treasure Island


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