You asked your friend Joe, (whom you know to be avid about cryptography), who he would ask to dance with at Prom and you receive later inside your locker signed by Joe this:

Happy as a Lark in a meadow,

Kind as a anonymous donor,

as Sunny and the midsummer's day,

Reliable as the sun rise that comes daily,

this is my answer, Zack


Hint 1

You will have to do some cryptography.

Hint 2:

The cipher used is a simple substitution.

Hint 3

The cipher used is not a caesar cipher

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The answer is


which you find by

Taking the capital letters in the text ('HLKSRZ') and seing that as a Atbash ciphertext (i.e. $A\leftrightarrow Z$, $B\leftrightarrow Y$ $\dots$)


Make it Sophia-Lucy or Lucy-Sophia if you want to consider the red herring :) (If you take the italic letters in the plaintext, you get 'LUCY')


I've noticed that

there are four italicized letters which spell out "Lucy."

So, Joe wants to go to prom with


It's fairly simple, and I don't see any substitution here, unless I'm missing something.

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