Because why not, here's yet another bunch of these inverted riddles, where the solutions are what you'd usually use as the wordplay clues in a Riley Riddle. Here's how it goes:

You get three words. You must find one solution word that you can attach..

  • to the beginning of one of the three words, (you have to figure out which one)
  • somewhere in the middle of another, and
  • to the end of the remaining word,

so that in each case, a new, single word is formed.

All the words here are very random, and some of the words aren't even all that common, but every clue, result, and solution word is going to be strictly valid in Scrabble.

  1. ice - unified - read
  2. self - my - overt
  3. over - clad - clay
  4. ness - scaly - see

If you get stuck, you can combine the solutions to find the catchphrase of a famous TV detective.


1 Answer 1

  1. Justice unjustified readjust

  2. oneself money overtone

  3. moreover clamored claymore

  4. thingness scathingly seething

The phrase is

Just one more thing, by Colombo


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