Can someone please help me to find the answers and the logic behind the 2 questions below?

The questions are from the test taken from the website: http://www.iq-brain.com/example/1

I could solve most of the questions, but the below ones I am not sure.

1: enter image description here

2: enter image description here

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Bottom middle. The last entry in a row is the sum of the first two minus 3.


For the top one

could it be the bottom right: because the top row goes 2 lines x 2 lines = four lines. The next goes 1 x 1 lines equals 1. And the bottom goes 1x3 lines equals 3 lines.

For the second one:

It could be the bottom middle because the pattern is that in the row the first two shapes overlap to form the last section and then there is a reduction in the number of squares. Now the top row loses one square. The middle second loses two and the last must lose three.

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