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Hint 1:

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The answer is:


The images are of the following creatures from the Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts world: Murtlap, Occamy, Grindylow, Diricawl, Mooncalf, Graphorn, Hippogriff, Niffler, Centaur, Bowtruckle

And then:

For each image, you count the number of creatures in the image, and take the nth letter from the name of the creature: 1 murtlap, 4 occamy, 1 grindylow, 2 diricawl, 5 mooncalf, 2 graphorn, 1 hippogriff, 2 niffler, 3 centaur, 2 bowtruckle.

These letters spell out magic rhino. This is a reference to the Erumpent, which is a magical rhino from Fantastic Beasts (pictured above).

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