The IQ test was pretty jokes until the last question

enter image description here

This one got me stumped.

Source: https://www.iqtestforfree.net/free-iq-test.php


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The answer might (there is often multiple solution in these kind of questions) be



enter image description here
with the rules:
1: moves to the right one square every step
2: moves left one square every two steps
3: moves clockwise as the knight in chess every step
4: moves counter-clockwise only on corners every step

  • $\begingroup$ I had a hunch the answer was d because of the movement of the bottom two squares $\endgroup$ Sep 3, 2019 at 15:03
  • $\begingroup$ Just could not see the logic of the top two $\endgroup$ Sep 3, 2019 at 15:04
  • $\begingroup$ I was trying the same logic identifying the moves of each cube. but that knight move of chess :p making me illogical and also unable to figure out that more than one block can be moved to the same block holder. $\endgroup$ Sep 3, 2019 at 18:04

I think you all overthink it... how about just

the answer is H

  • $\begingroup$ Haha like an analogy! $\endgroup$ Jul 6, 2020 at 6:54

How about this:

1: there is an integer sequence capturing the number of total coloured squares: 4-3-4-4-3-3
2: there is an integer sequence capturing the maximum number of connected coloured squares: 2-3-3-4-2-3
3: there is an integer sequence that captures the number of connected coloured squares: 3-1-2-1-2-1 it is not clear how it progresses from there onwards but it is clear that there is an alternation between some integer k and 1.


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