Inspired by this puzzle, I have made this similar puzzle (the solution method is NOT identical)

In a hotel there are ten floors, with ten rooms at each floor. Currently 10 rooms are occupied.

  • In room 13 Mr. Nelson is staying his last day.
  • In room 21 Angela is hanging up a "Malerei" that has fallen down the wall.
  • In room 23 Franz and Ferdinand have a principal meeting.
  • In room 39 Joseph wins the day after Paul the Apostle has surrendered.
  • In room 51 a King has a dream.
  • In room 62 Zwedish football is born.
  • In room 65 Pierce wants to travel the world and end in Europe for the second time.
  • In room 82 Mr. Brown is serving NamNam for free.
  • In room 88 Mrs. Carla is using a small and gentle computer for the first time.

In what room would Cuba Gooding jr. want to stress down after the climax of a lifetime?

Hint 1:

This is a two-legged puzzle. The first leg is to find the one thing in common. That thing is layed out in a pattern. The pattern is leg two.

Hint 2:

The first leg is relying heavily on association.

Hint 3:

Mrs. Carla is working on formulating VALUEs important to here

Hint 4:

First leg consists of one date pr. room.

Hint 5:

Mrs. Carla is using Excel


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If you put the dates listed above into excel and then find their =VALUE all of their last two digits correspond to their room numbers.

CBJ's best known role is in Jerry McGuire, released 12/13/1996. That VALUE is 35412.

He is in room 12.

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Cuba would want to relax in Room 97.

Prepending a '19' in front of each room number gives a year that corresponds to the clue/event. In the case of Cuba Gooding Jr, his climax was winning an Oscar in 1997 for his role in Jerry Maguire.

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Here are the dates described:

Room 13:

The date Nelson Mandela died

Room 21:

The date of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Room 23:

The date Gavrilo Princip assasinated Franz Ferdinand

Room 39:

The date Stalingrad battle ended, the day after general Paulus surrendered to Joseph Stalin

Room 51:

The date Martin Luther King jr. held his famous speech "I have a dream"

Room 62:

The birth date of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Room 65:

The date of the second peace(Pierce) of world war in Europe

Room 82:

The date of independence date for Vietnam

Room 88:

The date of founding Microsoft

This would conclude leg one. For leg two:

Hints 3 and 5 combined with the limitation on room numbers given by floors and rooms pr. floor, would reveal the pattern.


This is the answer:

Room 47.

This is the reason:

The date of the climax of the Cuba crisis was 28.october 1962. Formulated as a VALUE in Excel, would give 22947. Room number is identical to two last digits, based on the pattern of the other rooms.


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