I have gotten into solving this kind of puzzle recently. I've found this one and after an hour of trying, I don't seem to be able to find a solution. I'm starting to think there might be an error and it isn't actually solvable.

Robot-programming puzzle

This is the site where you can "play" with the puzzle. https://turing.gausshq.com/puzzles/59.c1a5c35e3ffe02c5a1f3

If it is solvable. These are my suspicions so far:

  1. There is at least one color-change in the solution.

  2. All changes in direction are counter-clockwise.

  3. The solution follows this path https://i.sstatic.net/RYzuI.jpg

The instructions on the site are a bit vague:

Your goal is to create a series of commands that will make the triangle visit all the colored squares in one go without falling on any of the grey ones.

You have to "program" the triangle to move around. You have limited commands (6 in this case).

  • The arrows make it move forward or rotate 90º and the Xs change the color of the square the triangle is on.
  • The colors work like conditionals--colored commands are only executed if the triangle is in a square of the same color.
  • F0 makes the sequence start over.

If you find a solution some hints would be really appreciated.


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That was quite tricky. Your idea for the path was almost correct.

Some hints if you want to try on your own:

You have to use F0 twice!


No color change needed!

The solution:

Turing Program
Its quite straightforward.
The base cycle pattern (Left, Forward, Forward) is interrupted with a blue forward and the green restart to account for the modified cycles.
So, yes. Its solvable.


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