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Anchor's away!

Ahoy, puzzlers, I am Cpt. Wesley Wordsquare.

I'm about to set sail for the mainland to see a show at my brother Winslow’s Wordsquare Theatre, however I can't seem to decipher this old map to shore.

It's spread into 4 quadrants, and is comprised of wordsquares.

North Quadrant:

In form of stars, give praise or blame;
A surface that was once aflame.
Hath used archaic form of you;
A window to the soul, or two.

East Quadrant:

The night before the birth of the Son;
The drink of grapes that have been done.
A palindromic female name;
Seven come through pirate fame.

South Quadrant:

Out, up or into, which ever you need;
All paths towards this centre lead.
I've got a bad feeling coming on;
Perhaps explain where you had gone.

West Quadrant:

A term for light or with a breeze;
A bulb comes on for one of these.
An ugly head or all behinds;
A toy for one with all nine lives.

Note: These are 4 unrelated wordsquares, each 4x4.

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The answers:

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Some explanations for the less straightforward clues:

N4: "The eyes are the windows to the soul" is a common saying that originates from the Bible.
E1: "'Twas the night before Christmas" is the name and opening line of a poem.
S1: "Grow out", "grow up", and "grow into" are all common phrases.
S2: "All roads lead to Rome" is a common saying.
W2: An idea is sometimes referred to as a "lightbulb moment", and lightbulbs are often used to depict ideas in cartoons and comics.
W3: "Rear [one's] ugly head" is another common saying.
W4: Cats are said to have nine lives in a well-known myth, and cats often play with yarn.


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