In the spirit of the What is a Word™/Phrase™ series started by JLee, a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles.

If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it a Motley Word™. Use the following examples below to find the rule.

Motley Word™ Not Motley Word™
mesmerize dazzle
beacon incandescence
pigment dye
glow gleam
radiance luster
gloss shine
tincture effulgence
resplendency sumptuousness
woven netted

And, if you want to analyze, here is a CSV version:

Motley Word™, Not Motley Word™
mesmerize, dazzle
beacon, incandescence
pigment, dye
glow, gleam
radiance, luster
gloss, shine
tincture, effulgence
resplendency, sumptuousness
woven, netted

Hint 1:


Hint 2: Note: This hint may give the solution away. I suggest trying to solve it with only the first hint.

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From the definion of Motley:

"made up of a variety of colours" or " the multicoloured costume of a jester"


Being {R,O,Y,G,B,I,V} the initial of the name of the colours in the visible spectrum, A Motley word is that one which contains 2 or more of these letters (one letter is not "multicolour"):


Motley Words™:
- mesmeRIze
- BeacOn
- pIGment
- GlOw
- RadIance
- GlOss
- InctuRe
- ResplendencY
- wOVen

Not Motley Words™:
- dazzle
- Incandescence
- dYe
- Gleam
- lusteR
- shIne
- effulGence
- sumptuOusness
- netted


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