I'm off to the Science Museum London tomorrow, to the Exhibition celebrating 100 years of GCHQ. As such, they sent me a little reminder email this afternoon.

On the bottom of the email was the following code:

Bv qthv utj vzptu utjs wcfcn - fvza jf e nbvvn co utj avmsuhnva nqcf mtav!

I thought I would share with you lovely people!

Happy deciphering.

Note: I have no affiliation to the Science museum

Wanted to add a hint for anyone who wants to try and solve without looking below:

The word nbvvn is a hyperlink to the science museum twitter page


It is a:


It says:

We hope you enjoy your visit - send us a tweet if you decrypted this code

I solved it by hand in Excel but you can use sites like:


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    $\begingroup$ Well done, I only just noticed one of the tags so I had to delete my answer. But I took votes I don't deserve. Apologies, to everybody :( $\endgroup$ Aug 16 '19 at 14:51

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