Let's give a second try with something more creative.

Here is the sequence :

161 = B

198 = W

173 = ∅

246 = B

215 = W

227 = B

192 = ∅

184 = ?

Don't hesitate to comment some improvement for our next enigma :)

Hint 1:

Welcome on board of this not so colorful enigma.


I think the answer is

184 = B


First convert each number to hexadecimal.
Notice that some of these hexadecimal numbers correspond to squares on a chessboard in algebraic notation.
If such a square is black, the number maps to B, if it is white, it maps to W and if it is not a chessboard square, it maps to ∅.

161 $\rightarrow$ a1 $\rightarrow$ black square $\rightarrow$ B
198 $\rightarrow$ c6 $\rightarrow$ white square $\rightarrow$ W
173 $\rightarrow$ ad $\rightarrow$ not a square $\rightarrow$
246 $\rightarrow$ f6 $\rightarrow$ black square $\rightarrow$ B
215 $\rightarrow$ d7 $\rightarrow$ white square $\rightarrow$ W
227 $\rightarrow$ e3 $\rightarrow$ black square $\rightarrow$ B
192 $\rightarrow$ c0 $\rightarrow$ not a square $\rightarrow$
184 $\rightarrow$ b8 $\rightarrow$ black square $\rightarrow$ B


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