I'm the first if you see, 3-in-one if you know, and soon to be three if you observe. What am I?

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Traffic lights.


If you just look, you see only one light. If you know what traffic lights are, you know there are three lights. And if you observe a set of traffic lights, you see the lights cycle through all three colours.


It could be the

Subject- object - verb trio of a sentence in English (or any language)


I'm (or any word of a normal sentence) is the subject - obviously. And then followed by verb (usually) and then an object. But, in this case they are reversed - a thing you know becomes a subject(3 in one) and once you observe, it is the action/ verb you are talking about.


It is a specially constructed English sentence, without violating rules of grammar.


It could be

Solar Eclipse


I'm the first if you see,
You see the Sun

3-in-one if you know,
As observed from the Earth, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun.

and soon to be three if you observe.
This occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned.


It might be

The Play/Pause/Restart Button on youtube (or other devices/applications).

At first glance

When you choose a video, you have to click the play button to start.
enter image description here

After that, you observe

And it turns into the pause button.
enter image description here

And at the end,

It turns into the repeat button. But if you're a frequent user of Youtube, then you already know this.
enter image description here


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