A farmer told me, without lying:

"you see this camel over there" showing me a camel eating, "it passed whole through the eye of a normal needle"

How is it possible, knowing that I too do not lie and there are no word games?

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He did so

as the camel was still a microscopic embryo.


Perhaps the camel passed through

Needle's Eye in South Yorkshire.

In fact, according to the Wikipedia article,

"It was constructed approximately in the mid-late 18th century and believed to have been made in order to win a wager, where the second Marquis of Rockingham claimed he was able to 'drive a coach and horses through an eye of a needle'"


It just

walked past a needle. The statement says "by", not "through"

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  • $\begingroup$ there are no word games $\endgroup$ – Dattier Aug 7 '19 at 12:12
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  • $\begingroup$ yes, sorry my english is bad. $\endgroup$ – Dattier Aug 7 '19 at 13:01

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