I'm currently learning 2-look PLL and came across this PDF with some algorithms. I went through and gave names to the algorithms just so they'd be easier to remember and refer to, but got stuck on this one for corner permutation:

enter image description here

I've seen this referred to as Y-perm on various sites, but a lot of Y-perms I've seen swap the corners as well as 2 edges, but this one only swaps corners

Algorithmically it looks more like an N-perm, but that also has edge swapping...

Does this algorithm have a standard name?


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The name for this algorithm is the Nb-perm.

However, the PDF ignores the edges in that step because it's using 4 look instead. Swapping the edges comes afterward when all 4 corners are in position; except for a final U-turn which is skipped until the 4th step.


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