The printer's devil came into our office last night.
But today he said:

  1. I am no evil (3)
  2. I never E ards (3)
  3. Ion LT fruits and vegetables (3)
  4. I did ner your room. (4)
  5. I didn't, Ouch, your door. (5)
  6. I am no cent (2)
  7. It the truth just now (3)

Can you find the missing words?

Note: This is my first attempt at crossword clues, so please give feedback.
Note: Some clues may have multiple answers.
Note: Do not ignore any of the tags.

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    $\begingroup$ Any chance we can get an update on this? It's been a few days and I don't think anyone knows whether my answer is correct or incorrect. $\endgroup$ – hdsdv Aug 9 '19 at 9:59

i am noT A Devil // i never eaT WOrds // i onlY EAt fruits and vegetables // i didn'T ENTer your room // i didn't EVER (or EVEN) Touch your door // i am INnocent // i tOLD the truth just now

edited - thanks to @jafe for the alternative suggestion on #4.

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    $\begingroup$ #4 could be rot13(rirag) as well. $\endgroup$ – Jafe Aug 7 '19 at 12:40
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    $\begingroup$ agreed! that is probably the intended solution, but i guess it's a good lesson for the creator - it's important not to have multiple equally valid solutions. $\endgroup$ – hdsdv Aug 7 '19 at 16:17
  • $\begingroup$ @jafe Please do not ignore the "story" tag. $\endgroup$ – Scratch---Cat Aug 9 '19 at 11:01
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    $\begingroup$ It doesn't look to me as if hdsdv has ignored the [story] tag -- the answer here links with the (tiny) story contained in the original question, and maintains a thread of continuity within its resolutions of the seven clues. $\endgroup$ – Gareth McCaughan Aug 10 '19 at 11:02
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    $\begingroup$ (@Scratch---Cat) I agree with GarethMcCaughan. In addition, if this is NOT the answer, the question is likely too broad. There's no reason I can think of why this isn't a fully valid solution, and where multiple answers could fit, the puzzle is under-specified. A well-crafted puzzle will give enough information to rule in the intended solution while ruling out everything else. $\endgroup$ – Rubio Aug 10 '19 at 19:10

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