In a chariot race only 4 cars came to the finish: the blue, the green, the red and the white one.

Titus, who is in bed with a cold, inquires to Quintus about the outcome of the race, because he only knows rumors:

1. The blue has finished fourth.
2. The green is first become.
3. The red did not become fourth.
4. The white did not become first or fourth.

"Three of these rumors are true and one is wrong," says Quintus.

From this concludes Titus, which car is first and which fourth, and indeed ...

(A) the green and the blue.
(B) the green and the red.
(C) the white and the blue.
(D) the green and the white.
(E) the red and the blue.

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From the statements

1) Blue is 4, 2) Green is 1, 3) Red is 1,2,or 3, 4) White is 2 or 3,


if statement 3 is False, then Red is 4 and Statement 1 is False, too. This can't be, so Statement 3 is True


if statement 4 is false, then White is 1 or 4 and statement 1 or 2 is false. This can't be so Statement 4 is True


if statement 1 is false, then Green must be 1, Red and white must be 2 and 3 and blue has no where to go, so statement 1 is true.


Statement 2 is false. So 4 must be Blue and 1 must be red


E is the right answer


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