I make billions (#6)

This is a two part connect wall puzzle. The sixteen words should be arranged into four groups of four words, with each group's words related to each other by a common theme. The four group names can then be used to find the final answer.

    box     farm    fire    flat
    games   giant   hill    monkey  
    pig     queen   roll    space
    tire    vein    wing    wolf

Hint for after you solve the groups:

Although the group names might relate to a man, the answer should be the name of a company.

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I reckon the wall can be resolved as follows:

X = Box, Games, Wing, Space (Xbox, the X Games, X-wing from Star Wars, and SpaceX);
ANT = Farm, Queen, Hill, Fire (ant farm, queen ant, anthill, fire ant);
IRON = Pig, Flat, Giant, Tire (pig iron, flatiron, The Iron Giant, tire iron);
SPIDER = Monkey, Wolf, Roll, Vein (spider monkey, wolf spider, spider roll (sushi), spider vein).

These 4 can of course be resolved with:

MAN (X-man, Ant-Man, Iron Man, Spider-Man)

Since these are all:

Characters in the Marvel franchise as created by Stan Lee et al.

Meaning the company in the final answer is:

MARVEL, a company which not only makes movies which rake in more than a billion dollars, but sometimes also feels like they make a billion movies!

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