The villages Arriba and Abajo together have 2019 inhabitants.

At the annual festival are more than 2000 villagers this year.

When they form a huge circle for dancing, everyone calls happy:

"I'm dancing between one from Arriba and one from Abajo!"

The people from Arriba are clear minded, each of them has told the truth. The people from Abajo, however, are already very drunk, each of them was wrong.

How many inhabitants Arriba has at most?


There are at most 1346 inhabitants in Arriban if all of them are at the festival.

In order for each Arriban to have someone from each city on either side, and for that not to be the case for Abajo, we need to have people arranged RRB, RRB, etc etc. That means that at most 2/3 of the people can be from Arriban.

If not all of them are at the festival, there are 1352 inhabitants.

In order for there to be over 2000 people in the circle, based on the above logic, there would need to be 2001 people in the circle (667 from Abajo, 1334 from Arriban), plus another 18 people stayed home in Arriban.

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  • $\begingroup$ Yes @Michael Harris is right, I should have asked the question more precisely. I think many have thought that the maximum number of arribans is in demand at the festival. $\endgroup$ – Matti Jun 29 '19 at 10:49

Two possibilities.

  1. There are no Arriban villagers.

    Then the entire circle is composed of villagers from Abajo, who are all incorrect.

  2. There is at least one Arriban villager.

    If we call the number of Arriban villagers R and Abajoan's B, we can build up an idea of the circle. Each R is telling the truth, and has an R to one side and a B to the other (RRB). Each B is lying, and must be surround by Bs or Rs. (BBB or RBR). Then if we have at least one Arriban, the circle must look like: RRBRRBRRBRRBRRBRRBRRB... i.e. for every Abajoan, there are two Arribans. Then to maximise Arribans, we'll assume all 2019 people showed up, and there are 1346 Arribans and 673 Abajoans.)

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  • $\begingroup$ @Showsni , The correct answer is 1352 people as Michael has said. 1334 Arribans participate with 667 Abajoans and the rest of the Arribans stay at home. But I liked how you explained your answer. $\endgroup$ – Hemant Agarwal Oct 24 '20 at 21:39

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