As requested by @Rubio, I am here to state that this is a metapuzzle based on other puzzles listed below.

"Ooohh, it all makes sense now! :D" ~ Mr Pie

The Puzzle

Or does it? Answer is a two-digit number.


Answers from various users in different questions:

1) Cryptic, then Crossword, then Clues

CARBON (by Gareth McCaughan)

2) Word Web - A Hard One

CALCIUM (by Gareth McCaughan)

3) Not Just Black and White

VANADIUM (by phenomist)

4) Omni-Riley-Rebuses

GERMANIUM (by Gareth McCaughan, still...)

5) Snakes and Ladders

LEAD (by JS1)

6) Nono-Cube: Approach at Your Own Risk

RADIUM (by Gareth McCaughan, again!!)

7) Mono-Tonic Crpytic-Clues

DUBNIUM (by Gareth McCaughan, for the $n^{th}$ time...)

The part is yet to be solved...


helpfulness level 1:

|. rot 90°

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As JProblems found out, the cipher is Morse code but with | instead of -. In decimal form, it's 6-2-7-3//1/4-5.

Using the answer from each subpuzzle (e.g. the sixth answer is radium, so substitute 6 → radium), we get:

This describes lines drawn on the periodic table:

enter image description here

So the final two-digit answer is

the atomic number of Ni (nickel), which is 28.

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Is it



If you rotate the vertical lines 90 degrees, they become dashes. Taking the dots and vertical lines to be Morse code, the small dashes to be minus signs, the single slash to be division, and the double slash to be a "word break" denoting the two separate digits, we have for the first digit 6-2-7-3 = -6, and (admittedly playing fast and loose with the order of operations to get a single digit answer) 1/(4-5) = -1 for the second digit.

In keeping with the other puzzles,

Element 61 is Promethium, Pm. Perhaps since there are negatives, it is subtracted somehow from the set of other elements to solve the metapuzzle?


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