How many mates are possible under 10 moves?


  • Mate can go both ways.
  • Under 10 moves.
  • Feel free to let White or Black move first.

Board diagram:

Apronus PGN Viewer board for white taking the first move.

Apronus PGN Viewer board for black taking the first move.

My first puzzle here. Hope I tagged it right and enjoyable for you guys :)

Clarification to Glorfindel answer question "I'm not sure how you define 'different' mates - is that the key move only?":

In this question specifically, "Mate" refers to key moves which would be resulting mates.


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Here are a few to begin with. I'm not sure how you define 'different' mates - is that the key move only?

Mate in 1, White to move:

1. a7#
1. Nd7#

Mate in 1, Black to move:

1... b2#

Mate in 2, White to move:

1. Nxc6+, Ne6+, Ng6+, Nxh7+, Qe8+, Qe5+, Bf4+ and mate on the next move by 2. a7#

Mate in 2, Black to move:

1... Qf6+ 2. Qe5 Qxe5# or 2. Qc3 Qxc3#
1... axb1Q+ (or 1... axb1R+) 2. Qxb1 Rxb1#


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