The second poem is an anagram of the first poem. Both poems are separated by "~" to indicate they are both anagrams of each other.

The aim of all is but to nurse the life
With honour, wealth, and ease, in waning age;
And in this aim there is such thwarting strife,
That one for all, or all for one we gage;
As life for honour in fell battle's rage;
Honour for wealth; and oft that wealth doth cost
The death of all, all together lost. 
- W. Shakespeare
How I Ask to Rearrange a Phrase!
The meaning of life can be found, When we turn the letters around; If one shuffles well, Together, all tell A sentence that, hah, should astound!
To do that goes to start a thrill With a brain or a software to fill. "Hello" to a fail Is worth a high wail — So gather the fine game of nil!


Your task is to find the anagram within the anagram! There are two distinct groups of words that are anagrams of each other, inside the anagram of Shakespeare's poem. Use both Shakespeare's poem and the entire anagram thereof to deduce what the hidden anagram might be; i.e. what might be the two groups of words that are anagrams of each other!

Good luck! :)


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The phrase

"The meaning of life" in the first line of the anagrammed poem

Is an anagram of

"The fine game of nil" in the last line.

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