I love my father. I've been around him as long as I can remember. People often talk about us as being complementary, as if I were as great as he. I don't have much to offer, so I just show everyone how glorious he is.

I have to show my father's glory to everyone because of my big sister. She is so controlling and makes me be around her all the time, like a slave. Now I can't be me without everyone seeing her first. She also has a lot more stuff than me, which makes her special. I give in to her demands, but still stay with our father. I can make do with my situation by showing how great Father is, but her intervention makes her seem like the successful daughter while I get tossed around. Now I admit this is mean, but I mess with my sister often, picking at her tears. Somehow, we all live on.

Who/What am I?


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I think the answer is

The Moon


The Moon revolves around the Sun along with the Earth from time immemorial.
The Sun and the Moon are complementary.
The Moon shows the Sun's glory by reflecting its light.
The big sister is the Earth. As mentioned above, the Moon revolves around the Earth. The Earth controls the moon by its gravity.
Clearly Earth has life, rivers, valleys, volcanoes, etc. but moon doesn't.
Again Earth and Moon are in the Solar system and under the Sun's control.
The Moon causes intervention by resulting in rise and fall of tides (may be tears).
The Sun, the Moon and the Earth are all in the same solar system (living together).


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