Really struggling with this one, hope you guys can crack it.

-OO-   is to  O---
-O--          O--O


----  is to ? O-OO   O---   O--O   OOO-   ---O   O--O
OOO-          ----   O--O   O---   ----   O--O   ---O

               A      B      C      D      E      F

(Transposed from https://www.iqutest.com/logical-test-analogies)


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I think the answer is



Swap the 2nd column and the 3rd column,

 -OO-    -OO- (top one)
 -O-- -> --O-
---- ---- (bottom one) OOO- -> OOO-
Swap the first to second column and the third to fourth column,
 -OO-    O--O
 --O- -> O---
---- ---- OOO- -> O-OO
Swap the first row and last row.
 O--O    O---
 O--- -> O--O
---- O-OO O-OO -> ----


If '-' = '1', and the operations on each nibble are invert (xor 0xF) and increment,
then the answer would be (D).


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