A boy tries to talk to his ex after class at school. However, she just puts on some music and shuns him instead, leaving him to wonder why.

What type of music is she listening to, and why?


What sort of classes would you attend at school?


Some deliberate word choices were made for their "sounds like" functionality. (Specifically three words).


The answers to the above two hints are 1) Maths, and 2) Ex, Shun, and Why.

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She is listening to

Funk music


In Math class we can see X's (Ex), Y's (Why) and Functions (sounds like Funk-Shuns)


Is she listening to

BAND music, from her music/band class at school....because he’s BANNED from her life?? (I’ll see myself out....)

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    $\begingroup$ I like the thinking behind this, but unfortunately it is not that type of music. There are several layers to this puzzle, and knowing the lesson is itself a hint to figuring out the solution. $\endgroup$ – user3303504 May 26 '19 at 12:31

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