Please help! Its a swedish scoutcipher. cipher

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    $\begingroup$ ...If it's a cipher for you as a Swedish Scout, don't you think you'd benefit much more from doing this yourself? $\endgroup$ – jpmc26 May 18 '19 at 13:04

The pentagon suggests

base 5 (as well as the fact that all of the digits are 0-4)


notice that the Swedish alphabet has 29 letters, so things like 104 and 102 etc. make sense. Dots serve as word breaks. Furthermore there is a canonical ordering: the letters A-Z in order, then Å, Ä, and Ö. So we can just translate: GÖR IORDNING SIMGLASÖGONEN MED TAPE ÖVER LINSEN SÅ DET EJ GÅR ATT SE IGENOM NÄR MAN HAR DEM PÅ SIG KLARTL FEM. Looks Swedish to me (something something med tape?) but I might've made an error or something. At any rate, I'm sure you're better at this step than I am :P


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