Cohen family of four ...each have their own single numeric code to generate first level access to the system. Before first level access is granted, system displays any one of the 4 single digit codes. So they all need to remember all 4 passwords containing all digits 0 to 9 in each password.

They devised simple method to generate them very quickly based on simple number. Can you crack the code based on all 4 codes given below:

A) $6913578024$

B) $2715604938$

C) $3945061728$

D) $2308641975$

Good Luck. !!!

Since this not answered yet, I am going to provide hints till it is solved. Main purpose of this kind of puzzles are to have the ability to recall long passwords if necessary by simple


Hint 1:

The codes are based on pandigital number properties.

Hint 2:

Simple arthimatic operations on pandigital numbers are done.

Hint 3:

Start with Ascending Pandigital Sequence.

Hint 4:

Operation: Addition

Hint 5:

Use Offset

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