After pressing the button, the walls opened. This time, instead of a damp smelly room, a futuristic lab appeared.

"What the-" exclaimed Cyrus.

T.E.D. scanned the whole lab quickly.

Cyrus couldn't believe what he saw, since he was exploring ruins inside a deep forest. However, he could only look around.

Inside the lab were some uncanny specimens of unknown creatures. Cyrus found a picture on the wall.

"Hey! T.E.D.! Can you help me scan this picture?" He asked.

"Yes. Master," T.E.D. answered.

T.E.D. scanned the whole picture.

He told Cyrus, "This is a steganographic photo. Maybe Master can use a laptop."

T.E.D. pulled a laptop out of his belly.

Cyrus looked at the photo. What should he do?

enter image description here


Don't think too far away

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Partial to get someone started:

2Ywy6OQ is a "bit" interesting

It is a:

http://bit.ly/2Ywy6OQ ... It leads to an image hosted on Imgur.

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Partial Answer

First Step:

This bit.ly link (hinted by "bit") leads you to the next picture (posted by LeppyR64, found by me independently

Second Step:


1. Opening the .png in Notepad - to no avail
2. Opening it in Photoshop - to no avail, i think
3. Opening it in GIMP - found three layers

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