I've always had... rules about how I get to work, and the eclectic music I listen to on the way.

Currently my playlist on my way to work is:

  • Fergie
  • Röyksopp
  • 50 Cent
  • Abba
  • Harlem Spartans
  • Houston Calls

My friend just introduced me to a track by an electro pop band called Petit Mal and it just made my commute so much faster!

Where do I live, and where do I work?


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You live and work

in London, somewhere near London Bridge and the Elephant and Castle respectively.

The tracks are

Fergie: London Bridge. Röyksopp: Monument. 50 Cent: Straight to the Bank. Abba: Waterloo. Harlem Spartans: Kennington Where it Started. Houston Calls: Elephant and Castle.

And of course you're now listening to

Petit Mal's "Violence in the Borough".

In case it's not clear,

these are all London underground stations, travelling one stop at a time.


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