This puzzle is part 5 of Gladys' journey across the globe. Each part can be solved independently. Nevertheless, if you are new to the series, feel free to start at the beginning: Introducing Gladys.

Dear Puzzling,

I hope this message finds you well. Today I indulged in a bit of luxury. I booked a nice hotel room, had a massage at the spa, and watched an amazing magic show. I even tried my luck in roulette! But don't worry, I haven't spent my entire travelling budget here so the journey continues.

Wish you were here!
Love, Gladys.

enter image description here

2. Social security
8. D.C. suburb
10. TV channel, sometimes unplugged
11. Chief officer or administrator, informally
12. Sister of Meg, Jo and Beth
14. Jay ____ Garage
15. Command for a dog
17. Illegitimately seize power
19. Unisex first name
20. Decorate anew
21. Prominent climate change activist
22. Name and password haver
23. Type of elephant
24. Creative work

1. – mater
2. Buddhist temple
3. Jealousy
4. Cunning canines
5. Perpendicular to Manhattan's streets
6. Woodwind instrument
7. Psyche's partner
9. Of extremely high quality
13. Director Forman
15. Long epic story
16. Actress Hatcher
18. Long Beach or Busan, for example
20. Participate in an election as a candidate

Gladys will return in "Horribly broken and just plain wrong".


1 Answer 1


She is at

Eldorado Resort Casino

Filled crossword

Filled crossword

Grey parts

Taking the grey puzzle pieces and assembling it to a 5x4 rectangle gives the location.


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