After tapping on the wall, it opened automatically. Inside was another corridor - as damp as the previous one. "Eww!" exclaimed Cyrus.
At the end of the corridor, a huge stone tablet blocked the road. On the tablet were three symbols: a green horse, a blue mouse and a red river. Buttons were installed above the three symbols.

"Hmm... interesting symbols," said Cyrus.

Here comes the question. Which button should Cyrus press?

Hint: (must read)

青梅竹鼠 江黃不接

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He should press the

green horse

For the colours,

ignore them

For the patterns,

mouse 鼠 and river 江 has been covered, except horse

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He should press the

green horse

But for a different reason than Omega Krypton.

Given phrases are incorrect. Correct ones are:
青梅竹 ('horse' instead of 'rat')
黃不接 ('green' instead of 'river')
So the button to be pressed is 青馬 - Green Horse.

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When using

Google Translate, the words translate to “Green Plum Bamboo Mouse”. If I assume that it was mistranslated, I’m going to assume that Green Horse and Blue Mouse are already covered.

Therefore Cyrus should press

Red River


From the hint I get

Green Plum Bamboo Rat jiang Huang do not answer, translation courtesy of https://www.mdbg.net/chinese/dictionary

Further research came up with this:

A video explaining the meaning of "Green Plum Bamboo Horse" -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaW5fUiiXgY

More research later...

Jiang Huang is an herb that helps to activate the blood, and one description I found also stated it helps initiate menstrual flow which could elude to 'red river'.


The combination of "Green Plum Bamboo Horse" as explained in the aforementioned video eludes to a childhood toy horse. Add 'red river' followed by 'do not answer', I concluded both of these were not the answer. Cyrus should choose the blue mouse.

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