The puzzle

Title: Italy is Divine


Flowers and spring
Fresh water and the sea
Hearth and home
Grain and agriculture

Answers from the last four puzzles: (spoilered in case you want to solve them yourself)



UC Berkeley (my current university) had a Campus League of Puzzlers that produced a column in the campus newspaper called Fiat Enigma. In recent years, the League has been inactive, almos non-existent, and the Spring 2016 edition of Fiat Enigma was their last one as of the creation of this post. The last puzzle of this set, Puzzle 14, was a metapuzzle that used the answers to the previous four puzzles, Puzzles 10-13. You can view the original pdf of this puzzle as well as the others from the column here.

While almost every puzzle in the column has had their solution published, I have not found a solution to this one posted anywhere on their website, nor have I found any information through Googling. So now my question is simply this: what is the solution to Fiat Enigma's Spring 2016 metapuzzle? I'm looking for a full solution if possible (either through directly solving or searching it up), but partial answers are also welcome.


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The answer is


obtained by

removing from each of the previous four answers the letters making the name of a Roman deity -- of flowers and spring (FLORA) for the first one (FORMAL), etc. The deities' names, in order, are: Flora, Neptune, Vesta, Ceres.

And of course

it is itself the name of a Roman god.


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