Someone asked me the other day:

On what object around a house would you find a punt?

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    $\begingroup$ For your information, this puzzle is one of the floors on the discord server "climb the tower" which has a rule which specifically disallows asking for answers or hints online. $\endgroup$ – ev3commander Apr 30 at 5:52
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Could be a trick question, but just in case it isn't...

A wine bottle. The indentation on the bottom of the bottle is called a punt.


It could be:

A television set that is currently displaying an American football game. (In American football, a "punt" is a particular way of kicking the ball.)

Alternately, it could be:

A very large grassy field that completely surrounds a house (so it's "around the house"), upon which some people are playing a game of American football.


Is it...

An old Irish piggy bank?


A punt is an Irish pound. I say "old" because of course Ireland no longer uses them (now uses the Euro instead).


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