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Popular tourist destination, with “the”
Throwing a Native American weapon
Fruit with a fantastic nickname?
President or patriarch  
Like Nigeria and Chad
“Gold” Egyptian boat
Seattle player

The answer will be a thematic title.


The trick to this is that

each of the clues has an answer containing AHA, which goes into the central box. (This is hinted by that box and the black square below it forming an exclamation point.)

The answers are:

BAHAMAS / TOMAHAWKING / PITAHAYA (a.k.a. "dragon fruit") / ABRAHAM (Lincoln or the Biblical patriarch) / SUB-SAHARAN / DAHABEAH / SEAHAWK / BROUHAHA

The grid is filled like this:

enter image description here

And the shaded cells

spell TAKE ON ME, a song by the Norwegian band "A-ha".

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