1. What links

Southwest Flight 3551

Iberia Flight 3692

Aeroflot Flight 6582

  1. Can you name another flight in this unusual group?

The special property is that

Each of the airport codes, are both 3-letter words that spell a 6-letter word together.

Southwest 3551 goes from Burbank to Denver -- the airport codes are BUR and DEN, which become BURDEN.
Iberia 3692 goes from Madrid to Manchester -- the airport codes are MAD and MAN, which become MADMAN.
Aeroflot 6582 goes from Perm to St. Petersburg -- the airport codes are PEE and LED, which become PEELED.

Another flight with this property is

very difficult to find! The best I can do are Turkish Airlines TK717 (DEL - IST). and Southwest WN1925 (SAN - DAL), which all have components that aren't particularly satisfying.

DEL: Another name for the gradient operator (∇) in vector analysis.
IST: (informal) A follower of a belief system. (Also could refer to the suffix referring to someone who practices a belief system or field of study.)
SAN: An archaic Greek letter (ϡ), Japanese honorific, or Spanish for "saint".
DAL: Dried legumes, in Indian cuisine.

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