Cindy Tyler gave birth to a beautiful boy. She wanted her husband's suggestion to name him. Her husband was away on a mining exploration job. She texted to him

For our beautiful boy please send me a name suggestion

Her husband, a mining and materials scientist and a riddle enthusiast sent her the following note

Burning and radiating, is light and strong, noble, Hope universally abundant the boy

What did he suggest?


All about rearranging words to make a sentence. Then look for the Elements decribed and rearrange them!

Hint 2 Noble Metal one element

And I gave a specific name Cindy Tyler!

Hint 3 Rearranging

The boy is Noble, radiating, burning, light and strong and universally abundant.

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The name is



Ag (silver) is a noble metal.


U (uranium) is radioactive.


S (sulfur) is also known as brimstone, meaning "burning stone."

Light and strong

Ti (titanium) is a light and strong metal.

Universally abundant

N (nitrogen) is one of the most abundant elements in the universe.

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Somewhat far-fetched, but (I believe) still valid answer:

Santiago (yes, very common name in United States)


Sun is burning (thermonuclear reactions) and radiating (sunlight).
Titanium (chemical symbol Ti) is relatively light but strong metal.
Silver (symbol Ag) is noble metal.
Oxygen (symbol O) is universally abundant element.
Putting together, we get SunTiAgO or Santiago.

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his name is:



Burning and radiating, is light and strong, noble-Krypton is a chemical element . It is a member of group 18 noble gases,is used in lighting and Filled incandescent bulbs,photography...Hope universally abundant the boy-And according to the original plot of Superman he was born on the fictional planet Krypton.Superman He is a fictional super hero character And he is very strong

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Partial answer:


Burning and radiating

Radium - radiating radiation

light and strong

Aluminium - it is lightweight and durable


not sure about this one...

Hope universally abundant the boy

Hydrogen - it is universally abundant and begins with H

All of that adds up to

(Ra + Al + P + H)

That's all I got for now...

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The answer may be...

Cole... a play on "coal"

Burning and radiating...

Coal as a fuel source for heaters and fireplaces

light and strong

Varieties of coal can be light or strong


Noble Group is a commodities company, and thermal coal is one of their key commodities (grasping here...)


A reference to the Hope Diamond...?

universally abundant

There's lots of it around... for a while


not much of a name, but it is common and abundant:



Carbon(C) is light and strong and burns and variations radiate, By definition nothing burns without Oxygen (O), and is also abundant (Carbon based life), and Radon (RN) is a noble gas and yet somehow is a harmful by-product of the natural decay of uranium that is presently emitting/radiating from the soil in the Midwest and other places. The result, Corn is also hopefully universally abundant because it provides for many things (fuel, food, income, etc.) and corn is a very common word.

The sentence:

Hope universally the boy is light, strong, abundant and radiating, burning, and noble.


Harvy: Hydrogen, Ar, Vanadium, Yttrium Hydrogen is abundant, light, and burns; Argon is a noble gas and can radiate in lights similar to Neon; Vanadium and Yttrium transition metals like Titanium so presumably strong. The name also used to be fairly common.





universally abundant, Noble, burning strong bright light, the boy radiating hope

Gives us:

Hydrogen(H), Argon(Ar), Phosphorous(P), Erbium(Er)(which has 9 radioactive isotopes)

only issue:

Pretty sure that is a girls name...


The answer could be



The boy is light and strong
Helium is lighter than air.

Helium is a noble gas.

Universally abundant.
Helium is abundant in the universe.

Burning and radiating hope.
Helium burns in stars.


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