What does each of the answers describe? The answer is two words (11 + 4 letters).

rebus 1

rebus 2

rebus 3

rebus 4

Image credits: 1.2 Slashme, CC BY-SA 4.0; 2.1 AngMoKio, CC BY-SA 2.5; 2.3 Salimfadhley, CC BY-SA 3.0; 4.1 Sodacan, CC BY-SA 3.0

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Each answer describes

an UNDERGROUND LINE on the London tube. Also clued by the title: clandestine = underground and contour = line


D, in (pin -p), Washington DC : the D in Washington DC stands for DISTRICT


New York, Opera, Venue (avenue - A) : the METROPOLITAN is an opera house in NYC


National (nationals -s), Captial, Seychelles : the capital city of Seychelles is VICTORIA


Belgium, Battle, Site : WATERLOO is a famous battle site in Belgium

Credit to the other two answers 1 and 2 which both gave partial answers that helped me along the way.

  • $\begingroup$ Great answer! Now the question is what the precise two words are: because I could see other variations such as r13("haqretebhaq fgngvbaf") or r13("ghor fgngvbaf") as well... $\endgroup$ – El-Guest Mar 29 at 15:29
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    $\begingroup$ @El-Guest we are told 11+4 letters so I'm reasonably confident of the version I've chosen. Only slight doubt is that 4 is only a partial name for an r13(haqretebhaq yvar). 1 and 2 are definitely r13(yvarf naq abg fgngvbaf) though. $\endgroup$ – user2390246 Mar 29 at 15:37
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Manhattan opera venue (avenue - a)?


National (Nationals - s) capital (A is the only capital letter) ... flag? >_>

#4 may simply point to

a (1) Belgian (2) battle (3) site, such as Ypres, Waterloo, etc. No clue yet as to how the other lines could fit in.




DINWA: D (D note in bass clef) + IN (pin-'p') + WA (Washington DC Map)


NY (New York) + ? (Opera browser logo)+ ?


WH (Washignton Nationals: WSH - 's') + ? + SYC/SC (Seychelles national flag)


BE/BEL (Belgium coat of arms) + ? (The Battle of Arica/ Latin American Wars of Independence) + SITE (campsite/gravesite/website)

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