If you lok, you will fid: There's an empty place
Whee the laws of the wld are cmpletely disgraced. {2}

In th spring, in this and, the hunting dries out;
And y midsummer's day Hunter's nowhere abou. {4}

In the fall, just 'fore dan, he again pokes aound
(Though it' soon that he finds that n hunting be foun). {1}

In the wintr he thrives and ool hunting i good,
Though he hunts not in rairie, nor mountin, nor wood. {3}

But, alas! on comes spring and he begins to feel umbrage
And again, through the ummer, hibernates in dar slumberage. {1}


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I think the answer is


Working off the same logic as Nudge Nudge above (upvote!), the five stanzas yield:

L(o)ok, Fi(n)d, Whe(r)e, W(i)ld, C(o)mpletely => Orion


th(e), (l)and, (b)y, abou(t) => Belt


da(w)n, a(r)ound, it'(s), n(o), foun(d) => Sword


wint(e)r, (c)ool, i(s), (p)rairie, mount(a)in => Space


(Y)on, (s)ummer, dar(k) => Sky

Then given the words, take the

Indicated letter of each word: O(r)ion, Bel(t), (S)word, Sp(a)ce, (S)ky and rearrange to form STARS, which is of course what Orion's Belt and Sword in Space/Sky are formed of

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Partial to kick things off:

The missing letters in each stanza appear to be anagrams:

If you lo(o)k, you will fi(n)d: There's an empty place
Whe(r)e the laws of the w(i)ld are c(o)mpletely disgraced.


In th(e) spring, in this (l)and, the hunting dries out;
And (b)y midsummer's day Hunter's nowhere abou(t). {4}


In the fall, just 'fore da(w)n, he again pokes a(r)ound
(Though it'(s) soon that he finds that n(o) hunting be foun(d)). {1}


In the wint(e)r he thrives and (w?)ool hunting i(s) good,
Though he hunts not in (p)rairie, nor mount(a)in, nor wood(s?). {3}


But, alas! on comes spring and he begins to feel umbrage
And again, through the (s)ummer, hibernates with dar(k?) slumberage.



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